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TruckVault is an American born company united in providing secure in-vehicle storage systems for all of life's demands. With agile product development, unrivaled craftsmanship, and zealous customer service, TruckVault delivers value and quality that ensures trust.

Why Buy TruckVault?

  1. Heavy Duty Push-Button Locks
    Five Button combination locks with key-override for easy access and provides premium protection and security.
  2. Protects From Condensation
    TruckVault Secure Storage Systems put a stop to potentially damaging moisture buildup
  3. Protects From Dust & Grit
    Sealed tight from the elements, Truckvault Secure Storage Systems keep your gear grit-free
  4. Stronger and Lighter
    Constructed of tough MDO, TruckVault Secure Storage Systems are stronger than metal or plastic and travels silently
  5. Proven Fire Protection
    TruckVault Secure Storage Systems insulate stored equipment from extreme heat and damaging fire

Solutions & Services

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In-Vehicle Fire/EMS Secure Storage

Response time is critical when it comes to those who protect and serve to keep us and our loved ones safe. There's a lot of training that goes into becoming a first responder and a lot of gear to keep organized and safe to do their jobs safely and efficiently. The Responder Line is a dedicated series of TruckVault® storage system designs specifically engineered to meet the demanding needs of Firefighters, EMS, and First Responders.

Designed based on feedback from Emergency Responders in the field, the line features various configurations of drawers for storage, cubbies for gear, magnetic map boards for command planning, and even pre-wired power to run electronics. We know safety is your top priority, and that's why it's TruckVault’s. Keep your gear protected and Lock It Up®.

Law Enforcement Vehicle Storage

TruckVault® secure storage solutions are the first choice of law enforcement professionals across the country and around the world. Protecting the safety of others begins with a responsibility towards individual security, organization, and care of your weapons and gear. TruckVault storage systems outfit law enforcement and public safety professionals with the tools to excel in all these areas and more. Their extensive selection of secure vehicle solutions is the result of partnerships with countless public safety departments and organizations at the local, state, and Federal levels. For every vehicle type, they offer intuitive designs that begin with basic security and elevate to fully customizable command center offerings to keep your guns and gear safe.

TruckVault’s measurement of security goes far beyond theft prevention. TruckVault storage systems also protect against moisture and fire damage, lost response time due to lack of organization, and lost dollars due to unnecessary wear and tear on valuable equipment. Each TruckVault system is handcrafted in the USA, one at a time for a custom fit to the application. If you don’t see what you’re after, they can design and build a TruckVault product to meet any need your department has. Keep your gear protected and Lock It Up®.

Commander Line

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Offering a variety of product options for SUVs ranging from single drawers to custom designed multiple stacked configurations.

Drone Responder Line

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Our Drone Responder line helps departments integrate drone technology – ensuring you’ll be ready at a moment’s notice.

Pickup Series

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Offering all-weather and carpeted product options for pickups ranging from two-drawer setups to custom designed multiple stacked configurations.

Sedan Series

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Offering a selection of product options for sedans including single drawer storage systems in elevated or floor mounted configurations.

SUV Series

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Offering a variety of product options for SUVs ranging from single drawers to custom designed multiple stacked configurations.