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McIntosh Uptiffing

The growth and success of McIntosh Communications is based on these principles and all they encompass. We do more for our customers and do a better job than anyone else in the industry. The services that we provide and the integrity that we put into our operation develop into long-term relationships with our clients.

McIntosh Communications is your one-stop upfitter, mobile computing and communications technology provider. We have over 30 years of comprehensive knowledge of current and developing wireless technology related to multi-channel, multi-agency communication systems for voice, video, and data. Our industry experience gives us a unique advantage in developing cost-effective law enforcement, fire, amber, safety, industrial, municipal, and security fleets. As a result, we have grown to serve as the region’s largest emergency vehicle upfitters.

More than Just Parts & Service, We’re Your Partner

McIntosh is the best emergency vehicle upfitter in the business. We have partnered with the police and emergency vehicle manufactures for decades and have fulfilled dozens of multi-year contracts – most on a repeat basis. Our long-term industry relationships allow us to provide you with the best products at the best price. Our upfitting experts take the time to fully understand your specific requirements, budget, and deadlines before developing the best customized turn-key solution that meets and exceeds your needs. McIntosh has always embodied a commitment to excellence and as a result all vehicles undergo a pre- and post-inspection and follow a detailed quality checklist review before leaving our shop. Our commitment to our customers is realized through each and every delivery.

McIntosh - The Preferred Choice

McIntosh’s upfitting team has decades experience providing emergency vehicle equipment integration utilizing the newest public safety technologies. We do more for our customers and do a better job than anyone else in the industry. Our 360° approach means bumper-to-bumper engineered solutions, providing everything you need for vehicle upfitting services, the very best mobile data, video technology and products engineered for your specific vehicle and unique requirements. Located in the greater Las Vegas metro area we built and service vehicles in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah, our state of the art 10,000 square foot facility makes McIntosh the preferred choice.

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